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Voted #1 Music Program in Central Florida.
It’s 4 hours of listener requests and inspired song programming celebrating nostalgic, eclectic music landscapes that are both a middle finger to the mediocrity of mainstream radio and yet feels like a group hug to those of us whose musical taste is anything but common. Sunday Morning Coming Down semi-regularly features live music guests from or traveling through central Florida and promote up and coming talent not yet on the radar of commercial media.

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From our live weekly Sunday morning radio show with your host, Joseph Martens and producer Josh Pikman comes the SMCD podcast series!


It’s the best of classic country, Americana and singer-songwriters from past to present and better than the original because it’s commercial-free. Better still, with your subscription, you can listen to our past and present shows when and where you like. Join us on our maiden voyage from Florida to Alaska then back again and relive the adventures on the road as Joseph Martens host SMCD from dozens of remote locations.  Join Band Wagon and get you first commerical free season here!                                 


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Emmy Lou Harris

Your Host

Joseph Martens is a former State Champion pudding wrestler from Nashville Tennessee. He took his passion for classic country and an almost supernatural gift for pursuits that pay little or nothing to become a college DJ / coffee shop crooner in central Florida. Joseph’s days on the airwaves at Rollins College soon gave awkward birth to his career in commercial radio on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS where he hosts Sunday Morning Coming Down with fellow snack enthusiast and producer Josh “the sad robot” Pinkman.


Josh Pinkman was left in Florida by his wolf parents at the age of 5. After some searching, he managed to procure some human parents and was raised to live in a civilized world, by Florida standards. He came to like country music at an early age after listening to Willie, Waylon, and, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty with his grandparents. Eventually, he became a lifeguard and, after setting the record for “most lives guarded” in St. Cloud, FL, he went to college. In college, he got some sort of degree of some marginal level of importance and managed to get a job working for Orlando talk radio legend, Jim Philips. Despite being fired and un-fired more times than you can shake a stick at, he’s always remained chief button pusher at Sunday Morning Coming Down Incorporated.


Emmy Lou Harris is an award-winning country music singer-songwriter who happens to share her name with our show mascot and rescue pup. Most nights Emmy can be found sitting on stage, providing “security” while her adopted parents Joseph & Jessy perform their duo JunoSmile around the world. Daytimes she enjoys the great outdoors, fetching, swimming, digging, chasing, eventually napping, and of course overseeing the live broadcast of Sunday Morning Coming Down with Joseph and Josh and an occasional special musical guest.

SMCD is Emmy Lou Approved!

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